fredag 29 april 2011

INTE okej!

Från hemsidan ALL OUT - equality everywhere:

Dear friend,

Tell Malaysia's Prime Minister to shut down the anti-gay boot camps immediately

Last week, Malaysia rounded up 66 male students with “feminine qualities” and sent them off to get “fixed” at a government re-education camp1. These kids were taken out of school to be brainwashed out of a fear that they “could end up gay or transsexual”.

Even worse, the Malaysian Prime Minister is refusing to act and shut down these “sissy camps”.

Next week we have a major opportunity to let Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak know that the world is watching and he must shut down these camps immediately. On May 6th, he will be in the media spotlight as he heads to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit hoping to build international credibility - and he needs to hear from us.

Will you join the growing chorus of Malaysians and people around the world demanding that the Prime Minister shut down these anti-gay boot camps? If we can quickly get to 10,000 signatures, activists will deliver our letters directly to the Prime Minister at the summit next weekend:

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